4 thoughts on “Heading to Ethiopia for My Court Date!”

  1. I saw your article on the Yahoo page.. I am also an adoptive mom and could relate to so many of the things you spoke of. The difference is that I am white, two of my kids are white, one is African American and one is Bahamian. We have had our dossier in to Ethiopia TWICE and ended up having a domestic situation come up that we did instead. So, we are hoping to adopt from there someday (if we decide to do it again).

    Keep on trucking mamma. It is a tricky road, this adoption stuff. You will be able to draw on these heartbreaking parts of your journey to help your little girl navigate the hard parts of reconciling her life story. My kids are just starting to be old enough to ask the hard questions and feel the hurt in the answers.

    I cannot wait to follow the rest of your story. Do the courts still close in October? That part is so frustrating — to be stuck in court and have it closed!! Good luck!

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