Day One, Page One

screen-shot-2017-01-24-at-11-08-01-amSince Saturday and the world has watched women of all ages along side men as well, come to together on issues that we believed long settled that now are threatened. The words and images have been stunning.  Inspiring. To my mind a new movement has formed from the U.S. to Iceland.

I always felt regretful as a child that all the marching, and work behind the marching, had all ended by the time I came along. Not anymore. Yet, as any human being can tell you, women are complicated creatures, a fact that came to light, not once but three times since Saturday.

“I just think all those women are being disrespectful, he’s the president now…its ‘like they’re praying for the plane to crash,” my girl friend said over a glass of wine.

“It wouldn’t be a surprise if the man behind the wheel doesn’t have a pilot’s license.”

“Calling him a Cheeto is not what this nation is found on,”another added the next day.

“But freedom of speech is,” I said.

And as the dialogue continues, we all need to remember than these protests are about bigger issues than women and society. It’s about consciousness, fairness and knowing yourself worth so we can pass that centeredness on to our daughters and nieces. And those of other women. It’s about knowing you have some skin in the game of the future, whether you’re  a parent or not, simply because you are here on this planet, now. Could go on but a girl friend sent this post to me that does so brilliantly. Take a moment and dive in.

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